A song important to each book's story, victim or McLaren is recorded on single-song CD and available for $4.00.  You may purchase them by clicking the "BUY CD" buttom beneath the CD graphic to the right of each book cover.

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COLD REVENGE: "Cold, Haily, Rainy Night" is a bluesy-jugband folk style song.  The Thin Dimes, a five-person group, performs on guitars, bass, dobro...

LAST SEEN: "The Swans' Song" is a contemporary-style folk song; duet by Bryan Toben and Lola Hennicke Toben, guitar accompaniment

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SHADOW IN THE SMOKE: "Never Leave My Side" is  a torch style  original  song -- text by the author, Jo A. Hiestand, tune by Lola Hennicke .   Vocal and piano by Lola Hennicke Toben, Bryan Toben on drums, Mark Wallace on upright bass .

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BRUSH WITH INJUSTICE: "Your Parting Glass" -- a traditional Scottish folk song with original lyrics by the author; sung by Hannah Satterwhite and Nick Pence, guitar accompaniment. 

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NO KNOWN ADDRESS: "Did You Not Hear My Lady" is an aria from a Handel opera.  It is sung here by Connor Scott; Gabe Maichel, piano

AN UNFOLDING TRAP: "The Braes of Balquhidder" is a traditional Scottish folk song -- this time performed in a class jazz style!  Gabe Maichel on piano, Nate Pence on upright bass,  Kevin Cheli on drums.

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AN   UNWILLING  SUSPECT: "The Flowers of the Forest" is a traditional Scottish folk song -- this version is  performed by the internationally-famous group The McCalmans: Ian McCalman, Hamish Baine, and Stephen Quigg.

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ARRESTED  FLIGHT: "Lily's Song" is a movement from the 2-piano composition "Arrested Flight."  Performed by Pat Eastman and Donna VInce.  Robert Chamberlin: composer

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EMPTY HANDED: "Scarborough Fair", the traditional British folk song -- is arranged and performed on piano by Robert Chamberlin. The rendition is poignant and intriguing.

PHOTO SHOOT: "Loch Lomond" has been sung and recorded by hundreds of people and groups, no doubt. This version is by the cappella group 'The Wee Heavies.' It's filled with feeling, as befits the situation in the novel.



Listen to the McLaren mysteries brought to life through the narration of talented narrators. Unabridged. Books available for purchase from Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.

COLD REVENGE:  Narrated by James Lyne.


LAST SEEN: Narrated by Tristan Kopta


SHADOW in the SMOKE: Narrated by Steve Hart


AN UNFOLDING TRAP: Narrated by Callum Hale

NoKnownAddress audio cover.jpg

NO KNOWN ADDRESS: Narrated by Callum Hale


AN UNWILLING SUSPECT: Narrated by Callum Hale


THE HOUSE ON DEVIL's BAR: Narrated by Jonathan McIntosh