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Cookies & Kilts Mysteries

An amateur sleuth series set in the small Missouri town of Beaudin Trace, where 40 year-old Kate Dunbar, owner of The Cookie Cutter bakery, gets involved with mysteries.

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Shortbread And Dead


     It’s two weeks before Christmas.  In the small Missouri town of Beaudin Trace, the holiday spirit is revving up: shops are adorned in seasonal decorations and the annual Winter Scavenger Hunt is in full swing.  But when the winner of the town’s winter scavenger hunt is found murdered, bakery shop owner Kate Dunbar investigates to save her business from crumbling; but who will save her from the killer?

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A Trifling Murder


     Not another death in Beaudin Trace.  Not at the Robert Burns Birthday Celebration.  The bakery will never survive this one...  It was all Kate could think of while the bagpipes blared and the caterers served up the haggis, neeps and trifle.  I'll never survive, either, not with my knife as the murder weapon. But how can I convince anyone I'm innocent?  The fight to clear herself from the suspicion of murder isn't as smooth as Scotch whisky, however.  But she finds her help in an unlikely source:  a slightly nutty song writer and his Scottie dog.  The help is comforting.  Afterall, murder is no trifling matter.